Nr. 28, April 2015

Mark McFarland

Boulez and the Necessity of the Dodecaphonic Language

Joseph Salem

How Necessity Fueled Invention in Boulez’s L’Orestie

Aï Higashikawa

Quelques notes sur le montage électronique de Poésie pour pouvoir (1958) de Pierre Boulez

Simon Obert

«... die Konsequenzen ziehe ich ...»
Ein neu aufgefundener Brief von Schönberg an Webern

Tatiana Baranova Monighetti

Russian Music in Stravinsky’s Library

Liam Cagney

On Vagues, Chemins, le Souffle (1970–72) and the Early Use of Resonance Chords in Grisey’s Oeuvre

Giacomo Albert

Weakening Structures or Structuring Mistakes?
Brian Ferneyhough’s Manipulation of the Fibonacci Sequence in his Second String Quartet