General Collection

The General Collection contains isolated documents and small groups of documents of various provenance. As a rule, the dossiers are organized by authorship or subdivided into fonds in order to identify interrelated holdings.

Fonds in the General Collection

Fonds George Antheil
Fonds Aldo Bennici
Fonds Isabelle Berthou
Fonds Barrie Gavin
Fonds Pierre Gobat
Fonds Peter Gradenwitz
Fonds Josef Häusler
Fonds Erich Holliger
Fonds ISCM (Basel Chapter)
Fonds Walter Lessing
Fonds Roberto Leydi

Fonds Diego Masson
Fonds Gertrud Meyer-Denkmann
Fonds Annie Müller-Widmann
Fonds Marcello Panni
Fonds Hansjörg Pauli
Fonds Roger Reynolds
Fonds Mario Stern
Fonds Karlheinz Stockhausen
Fonds Swiss Music Library
Fonds András Szőllősy
Fonds Francis Travis
Fonds Roger Vuataz