Rückgriffe und Fortschreibungen in der Musik seit 1900

edited by Simon Obert and Heidy Zimmermann
Mainz etc: Schott Music 2018

language: German
Other editions: none

References to, arrangements of, and adapted borrowings from past music are basic creative principles. The productive tension between the authorial and the non-authorial, between extant music and its creative assimilation, has given rise to an unwavering fascination that motivates composers in their own creative work. But never has productive reception been so varied and multifaceted as in the twentieth and twenty-first centuries. It extends from tributes to or dismantlements of paradigmatic models to the ongoing pursuit of the artist's own ideas ("work in progress"), and from the quest for inspiration from other genres to cross-media adaptations (e.g. arrangements of concert music for film soundtracks).

This volume, which accompanied the exhibition "Re-Set" at the Museum Tinguely in Basel, provides a wide-ranging overview of the subject in thirty essays related to the holdings of the Paul Sacher Foundation. It brings to life the varied processes of musical arrangement and remodeling using numerous illustrations from source materials.

The subject is divided into four sections. The first section, "Eigentümlich fremd" (Strangely different), looks at non-authorial arrangements, i.e. dialogues between composers from quite different historical eras. The second, "Definitiv entwicklungsfähig" (Firmly malleable), examines the potential of authorial arrangements, covering a broad spectrum of motives. Connections to folk music form the subject of the third section, "Urvordenklich modern" (Primevally modern). It illustrates how traditional music from a wide array of cultures became a body of material for use in art music. Finally the fourth section, "Unterschwellig elitär" (Subliminally élitist), discusses the interaction between popularization and ennoblement – a thematic complex that takes shape in various media, including phonograph records and motion pictures.


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