Canto d'amore
Classicist modernism in art and music 1914–1935

Edited by Gottfried Boehm, Ulrich Mosch, and Katharina Schmidt

Berne: Benteli, 1996.
534 pp., 25 x 30 cm
ISBN 3-7204-0089-1
(not obtainable from Schott)

This large catalogue accompanied the like-named exhibition held at the Basel Kunstmuseum in 1996. It presents a large number of exhibition items and groups of items in high-quality color plates, concise discussions of the works involved, and fundamental essays by leading authorities on facets of «classicism» in modern music and the visual arts, with side glances at the sister arts of architecture and literature.

English and French editions:
«Canto d'amore. Classicism in Modern Art and Music 1914–1935» (London: Merrell Holbertson Publishers)
«Canto d'amore. Modernité et classicisme dans la musique et les beaux-arts entre 1914 et 1935» (Paris: Flammarion)