«Entre Denges et Denezy ...»
Documents on Swiss music history, 1900-2000

Edited by Ulrich Mosch with the assistance of Matthias Kassel, 2000

480 pp., 22.0 x 28.5 cm
ISBN 3-7957-0400-6 (PSB 1011)
EUR 42.- / CHF 72.50
(Series subscription price EUR 35.80 / CHF 63.-)

The hundredth anniversary of the Swiss Association of Musicians (Schweizerischer Tonkünstlerverein) provided an occasion for the Foundation to offer a retrospective view of a century of Swiss music. This volume, designed to accompany the like-named exhibition, draws on music manuscripts, letters, photographs, and other documents from the Foundation's own holdings. Besides a large number of reproductions, it also includes essays by leading authorities on Swiss music and personal statements from composers.

Italian and French editions:
«Entre Denges et Denezy ...» Documenti sulla storia della musica in Svizzera 1900–2000, a cura di Ulrich Mosch in collaborazione con Matthias Kassel (Lucca: LIM editrice s.r.l, 2001).
«Entre Denges et Denezy ... » La musique du XXe siècle en Suisse, manuscrits et documents, édité par Ulrich Mosch, en collaboration avec Matthias Kassel (Geneva: Contrechamps, 2001).