Wessen Klänge?
Über Autorschaft in neuer Musik

Publications of the Paul Sacher Foundation, vol. 12

edited by Hermann Danuser and Matthias Kassel
Mainz etc.: Schott Music, 2017

language: German
Other editions: none


Essays by
Gottfried Boehm, Camilla Bork, Angela Ida De Benedictis, Hans-Joachim Hinrichsen, Mark Katz, Siegfried Mauser, Ulrich Mosch, Simon Obert, Robert Piencikowski, Tobias Plebuch, and Heidy Zimmermann

Peter Hagmann with Pierre Boulez and Heinz Holliger
Matthias Kassel with Theodor Ross
Jonathan Cross with George Benjamin, Vinko Globokar, William Kinderman, and Julia Spinola

This volume derives from the like-named symposium held by the Paul Sacher Foundation in Basel in April 2011. Topics related to musical performance and authorship were illuminated from various angles in eleven papers and three round-table discussions, with a special emphasis on developments postdating the Second World War. In addition to the textual and authorial dimensions between composition and performance, the papers also touched on the medial and performative expansion of music, which generates wholly novel sets of problems and concepts of authorship.

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