Pierre Boulez – John Cage
Correspondance et documents

New english/french edition, edited by Robert Piencikowski, 2002

360 pp., 15.6 x 23.4 cm
ISBN 3-7957-0390-5 (PSB 1001)
EUR 24

The correspondence between Pierre Boulez and John Cage is a document of seminal importance to an understanding of the renewal that western music underwent in the middle of the twentieth century. These two musicians, so different in their backgrounds and so contrary in their later carreers, acknowledged not only their views in common but also their unsurmountable differences. One by one they allude to their technical and aesthetical preoccupations while painting a vivid picture of cultural life in Europe and the United States. This new edition has been completely revised to reflect the knowledge acquired since its first publication, offering the reader perspectives on debates surrounding the creation of contemporary art music.