Ernst Diez Collection

Ernst Diez
Austrian art historian

born July 27, 1878, in Lölling, Austria
died July 8, 1961, in Vienna, Austria


Acquired from the Moldenhauer Archives along with the Anton Webern and Hildegard Jone collections, the Ernst Diez Collection contains printed editions of this scholar's most important publications - some of them with autograph annotations - as well as several diaries, notebooks, lecture notes, and letters. Diez was a cousin of Anton Webern, to whom many references can be found in the materials of this collection.

Ernst Diez, 1950s
Ernst Diez, 1950s

Scope of holdings

  • Textual manuscripts: 2 archival boxes
  • Correspondence: 2 archival boxes
  • Photographs: ca. 180
  • Library: ca. 60 units
  • Personal documents: 1 archival box


ca. 1878–1961


  • 1984 Collection enters the PSS holdings


  • Internal inventories
  • Internal microfilm index


4 December 2020