The Holdings

Besides source materials, other important components of the Foundation's archive are its library, including published scores, its collection of sound recordings, and its video collection. Scholarly writings on the music of the twentieth and twenty-first centuries are acquired with the aim of achieving maximum completeness. Neighboring disciplines such as theater, dance, cinema, literature, and the visual arts are likewise included in the archive's acquisitions policy.    

Using the Facilities

The library, record collection, and video holdings can only be used on the Foundation's premises. Parts of the library and the record collection are accessible in open stacks, while the rest must be ordered from the Foundation's storage depots. Manuscripts from the composer collections are microfilmed on an ongoing basis and can basically be consulted only in this form. Sound recordings from the collections are made available on compact disc. Visitors to the archive and the library are asked to arrange an appointment beforehand with the Foundation's secretary.



The Foundation is connected to the IDS Library Consortium for Basel-Bern. Interested readers may thus use the Aleph library system via the Internet to access the catalogues of its reference library (secondary literature, printed scores, sound recordings, but not the holdings of its manuscript collections).

IDS browse operations can be restricted to the Foundation's holdings in either of two ways:

  1. First, click «Sprache» (language) and change the interface language («Sprache der Oberfläche») to English. Confirm your choice by clicking «Ändern» (change). The language of the menu will change to English. Now click «Search» and choose the «With Filter» option. Select «BS Paul-Sacher-Stiftung» from the pull-down menu in the «Pre-select library» box. You can now enter your keywords in «Type word(s)» and submit your query by clicking «Search».
  2. Change the interface language as above. Now enter the library siglum «A164» directly in the «Search all fields» box, followed by the keywords you are looking for, separated by blanks. Submit your query by clicking «Search».

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