Jim Grimm Collection

Jim Grimm

Swiss composer

Scope of holdings

  • Music manuscripts for all known works available (partly in the Paul Sacher Collection). In particular fair copies and photocopies with handwritten corrections; sketches and drafts for individual works only.
  • Textual manuscripts, correspondence, personal documents: 1 archival box
  • Photographs: 1 archival box
  • Sound recordings: various recordings (unprocessed)
  • Programs, articles, reviews: 1 archival box
  • Library: Printed scores: individual items
Jim Grimm, 1975 (photo Christian Baur)
Jim Grimm, 1975 (photo Christian Baur)


  • Internal inventories


  • up to 2000 individual documents integrated in the Paul Sacher Collection
  • 2000–17 part of the General Collection
  • since 2017 managed as Jim Grimm Collection

curator in charge / archivist in charge

Matthias Kassel / Carlos Chanfón


13 June 2024