Klaus Huber Collection

Klaus Huber
Swiss composer

born 30 November, 1924, in Basel, Switzerland
died 2 October, 2017, in Perugia, Italy


The cornerstone of the Klaus Huber Collection consists of music manuscripts and other documents from the composer’s personal library. They entered the holdings of the Paul Sacher Foundation as early as 1988. Since then the manuscripts of his newly written works have been added to the collection in several stages, along with his unpublished juvenilia and early pieces from his years of study with Willy Burkhard and Boris Blacher. In 2008 the collection was enlarged with a sizable deposit from the publishing house of Bärenreiter, consisting primarily of fair copies of his works from the 1950s and 1960s.

The collection contains working documents for practically all of Huber’s compositions, with folders of sketches amounting to several hundred pages. Not only do they document the genesis and theoretical foundations of each individual work, they also make it possible to retrace the many and varied ties between his works as a whole.

Besides music manuscripts, the collection also includes Huber’s textual manuscripts and some of his drawings and graphic art. Rounding off the collection are programme booklets and reviews, tape recordings and parts of his personal library.

Some of Huber’s music manuscripts are housed in the Ernest Bour, Edith Picht-Axenfeld and Paul Sacher collections.

photo Kyotane Hayashi
photo Kyotane Hayashi
Klaus Huber, Erinnere dich an G… (1976–77), draft score
Klaus Huber, Erinnere dich an G… (1976–77), draft score

Scope of holdings

  • Music manuscripts: ca. 34.000 pages
  • Textual manuscripts: 13 archival boxes
  • Correspondence: 11 archival boxes
  • Sound recordings: ca. 100 tapes
  • Programmes / reviews: 8 archival boxes
  • Photos: ca. 100
  • Drawings, graphic art: 7 pieces
  • Personal documents: 2 archival boxes

Period covered

ca. 1938–2017


  • 1989 Collection enters the PSS holdings
  • 2003–15 Many supplementary deliveries
  • 2018 Completion from Huber’s posthumous estate


  • Sammlung Klaus Huber: Musikmanuskripte, Inventories of the Paul Sacher Foundation, vol. 30 (Mainz etc.: Schott Musik International, 2009) – OUT OF PRINT
  • Internal lists can be consulted at the PSS

Internal links

  • Werkgespräch: Klaus Hubers Oper Schwarzerde. Der Komponist im Gespräch mit Anton Haefeli [Interview in German]
    Musiktheater heute: Internationales Symposium der Paul Sacher Stiftung, ed. Hermann Danuser in collaboration with Matthias Kassel, Publications of the Paul Sacher Foundation 9 (Mainz: Schott, 2003), pp. 377–94
  • Anton Haefeli, Der Schrei. Zur Genese «struktureller Semantik» in Klaus Hubers Erniedrigt–Geknechtet–Verlassen–Verachtet ... [German]
    Quellenstudien II: Zwölf Komponisten des 20. Jahrhunderts, ed. Felix Meyer, Publications of the Paul Sacher Foundation, vol. 3 (Mainz: Schott, 1993), pp. 299–322

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