Regulations for the Use of the Archives

  1. The collections of the Paul Sacher Foundation are available free of charge for purposes of scholarly research.
  2. Please take notice of the visiting hours and holidays.
  3. Persons interested in visiting the Foundation are asked to state in advance the date and probable duration of their visit and to provide a brief summary of their research goal.
  4. Access to the Foundation may be limited or revoked at any time without expressed reason.
  5. The source holdings may only be used on the Foundation's own premises. Archival holdings are generally viewed in the form of microfilm. Only in exceptional circumstances may original documents be consulted.
  6. No working copies are created for use outside the Foundation.
  7. The Foundation's holdings must be handled with great care. Documents must be left in the order in which they were found, even if the user discovers this order to be incorrect. References to shortcomings and mistakes in the attribution or arrangement of documents are welcome at any time.
  8. Publications based on material of the Foundation must bear an appropriate reference. Reproduction of documents in publications requires the prior written consent of the Foundation. Authors working with these materials are requested to forward copies of their work to the Foundation.
  9. It is the user's responsibility to respect copyrights, as well as personal and other rights of the Foundation or of third parties. The Foundation is not liable to third parties for any damages resulting from the violation of such rights.
  10. The present regulations are subject to modification.