Exhibition «Strawinsky»

«Stravinsky: his estate, his image»
Basel Art Museum in conjunction with the Paul Sacher Foundation
6 June to 9 September 1984


The nucleus of this broadly conceived retrospective at the Basel Art Museum was made up of music manuscripts from the Igor Stravinsky Estate, which Paul Sacher had acquired for the Foundation in 1983. These calligraphically impressive manuscripts were placed alongside set designs and many portraits and photographs of the composer, forming a pictorial dimension that illustrated Stravinsky's many-sided relations with the visual arts. More than 270 items from seventy-two public and private collections in Europe and the United States were placed on loan to depict the composer's friends in the sister arts, including René Auberjonois, Léon Bakst, Robert Delaunay, Alberto Giacometti, Michail Larionow, and not least of all Pablo Picasso.

Katalog: «Stravinsky: his estate, his image», edited by Christian Geelhaar and Hans Jörg Jans, 386 pp