Exhibition «Settling New Scores ...»

«Settling New Scores. Music Manuscripts from the Paul Sacher Foundation»
Pierpont Morgan Library, New York
13 May to 30 August 1998


An invitation from the renowned Pierpont Morgan Library gave the Foundation an opportunity to present a large cross-section of its holdings to public view for the first time outside Basel. The 145 items on display combined to form a multi-faceted if necessarily incomplete picture of twentieth-century music. As a guide to this highly informative exhibition, the music manuscripts, letters, playbills, photographs, and other documents were divided into various distinct categories. Some illuminated the act of composition («From Sketch to Score»); others provided examples of artistic «Tributes» and «Collaborations»; another two groups focused on particular personalities («The Paul Sacher Collection», «Two Portraits») or countries («American Connections», «Made in Switzerland»). These themes were rounded off by a specially conceived, richly illustrated catalogue in English containing detailed observations on the works displayed.

Catalogue in English: «Settling New Scores: Music Manuscripts from the Paul Sacher Foundation», edited by Felix Meyer, 303 pp.

Documentation: «Settling New Scores: Music Manuscripts from the Paul Sacher Foundation», suppl. to «Mitteilungen der Paul Sacher Stiftung» no. 12 (1999), english/german