Symposion 2011

Wessen Klänge? Interpretation und Autorschaft in neuer Musik


International Symposion, Basel, April 27-29, 2011

In music, the role of authorship is usually not limited solely to the composer, for the musician or musicians who turn a written score into sound must be viewed as co-creators. The same can apply to those responsible for a work's electronic transmission, i.e. those who amplify, mix, and transform the sound at the control desk. Even listeners can impart meaning to a work, as when audiences walk through rooms to form an individual image of the sound.

This symposium examined the connections between "performance" and "authorship" in contemporary music – an unquestionably important thematic complex in today's musical culture.

The papers and discussions of the symposium are available in print:
Wessen Klänge? Über Autorschaft in neuer Musik
ed. Hermann Danuser and Matthias Kassel
Mainz etc.: Schott Music, 2017