Werner Kaegi Collection in the University Library

Archival holdings transferred from the Paul Sacher Foundation to the University Library Basel

21 September 2022

Werner Kaegi (1901–1979), the Swiss historian and professor of history at Basel University between 1935 and 1971, lived until his death in the building at the Münsterplatz which today houses the Paul Sacher Foundation. His private archive as well as his comprehensive library came into the care of the foundation when they acquired the building. The thus created collection Werner Kaegi reflected his interests and his teaching, ranging from the late antiquity to the 19th century and containing an extensive section about Jacob Burckhardt as well as historiography in general.

In the summer of 2022 these holdings were transferred to the University Library Basel. Thus Kaegi’s legacy was integrated into an institutionally and professionally appropriate context. At the same time the Werner Kaegi Collection was dissolved at the Paul Sacher Foundation.

Werner Kaegi’s private archive is accessible at the University Library Basel, department of historical holdings.

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