Conlon Nancarrow: Towards a Critical Edition / 30.06.2021

August 2016 – January 2021
The project’s main aim was to produce the first critical edition of selected Studies for Player Piano by the American/Mexican composer Conlon Nancarrow (1912–1997), while laying the technical and methodological bases for a future multimedia edition of his complete works. The research was defined by an integrative approach to the diverse types of sources related to the repertoire, all preserved at the Paul Sacher Foundation. This website presents the different stages and interconnected aspects of the project and shows their outcome. The resulting “Critical Edition of Selected Studies for Player Piano” is scheduled to be published by Schott.
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Zwei-Mann-Orchester / 01.12.2010

Mauricio Kagel's ZWEI-MANN-ORCHESTER [Two-Man Orchestra] for two one-man orchestras (1971–73) is surely one of the strangest yet most original pieces of contemporary music ever composed. In 2011 a new version of ZWEI-MANN-ORCHESTER was produced in Basel.
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